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Our client (company A), a victim of a massive diversion of its clientele by only one competitor (company B), suspected that it was benefiting from internal complicity allowing it to have access to confidential information, particularly on a commercial level.


Thus, it entrusted us with the task of implementing the most effective strategy to obtain the cessation of this unfair competition and compensation for the resulting damage.
Therefore, we initiated legal proceedings which enabled us to recover the evidence of the unfair competition perpetrated and the suspected internal complicity.
Then, we took company B to the Commercial Court which, following our arguments supported by the documents produced, ruled that (i) company B had been guilty of acts of unfair competition, (ii) ordered the cessation of the unfair competition, (iii) ordered the restitution and destruction of all elements allowing the implementation of this unfair competition and (iv) ordered company B to pay damages for the loss suffered, in addition to the payment of legal fees in the amount of 20.000 €uros !

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