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Melding technical expertise creativity dynamism talent and practical solutions

Outstanding legal services to support your business

Our areas of expertise

Handling the legal implications of your employment relationships

Managing the day-to-day legal challenges of doing business

Establishing your company and looking after all its legal needs

Safeguarding the long-term future of your business and the profitability of your investments

Protecting your brands, your work and everything that defines you

Guarding against the risks of criminal liability and defending you in criminal cases

Managing and optimising your tax

Securing and defending your international operations

Establishing and upholding your rights in your business dealings with social security bodies

Our comprehensive approach and detailed knowledge of our clients’ sectors means we are perfectly equipped to provide top-class legal support and protection strategies for your business.

Our firm’s talents

Our colleagues have outstanding technical expertise, but it’s their people skills that really make the difference, equipping us to work together as a united team and deliver our full potential.

We need you!

Do you have what it takes to become part of our team? We’d love to hear from you.

Our story…

CS Avocats was founded by Cédric Séguin

IBM’s Deep Blue chess computer beat
the reigning World Champion Garry Kasparov.

Cédric Garnier became a partner and the firm was created

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy begins its domination of the silver screen.

Mathieu Bonardi became a partner

The Mayans were proved wrong – the world didn’t end.

Ornella Fitoussi became a partner

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet touched down after almost 200 days in space.

The firm joined the Alliot Global Alliance

Nadal won the French Open for the twelfth time.

Building the future together.

Our winning numbers

Here and around the world

In 2019, we joined the highly prestigious Alliott Global Alliance, an international organisation that brings together 209 law and accounting firms in 95 countries.

We are proud to represent the alliance in France.

We operate an innovative tailored fee policy.